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The episode of Yukio Misima (A memory of Japanse Girl)




To Researchers & Lovers of Yukio Misima in the world.

"Noraonna-san" commented on my blog yesterday.
This comment includes valuable information.
This episode to show his hidden character of Yukio Misima.

This is not a personal memory.
So I judged that this comment is a historic fact.

"Noraonna-san" is reliable woman.
I know her very well.

I believe her.
I trust her.
She is very intellectual.

Therefore, I want to introduce the important fact.
Her comment is follows.


In Japan, there were very few houses where a door chime was equipped with in 1960's.

I was a primary schoolchild in those days.
I did the mischief of using a door chime with the boy of my friend.

We push the chime.
And we escape from the house quickly.

The Japanese calls generally this mischief……”Ping pong dash!”
(Ping pong is a meaning of the sounds of the chimes)

The house placed at Minamimagome, Oota-ku, Tokyo.

However, someday……

We have been found by the man of the owner.
Oh no! We did mistake!

The owner said to us.
"Please come in the gate"

We entered his house while feel a sense of fear.
And we looked at the first time Greece-like luxurious house.

He said to us again.
"Line up there, please"
We lined up as he said.

"OK, take out your both hands"
We did so.

"At first ……I give you candy"
"Next…… I give the Japanese cake"

How, he gave us two gifts with mild voice!
It is unbelievable!

He asked us then.
Is it interesting that you push the door chime?

We became very nervous.
We were fierce.

"I’m sorry"
"We never push the chime anymore"
"We promise that"
"I'm sorry"
"I'm sorry"
We said repeatedly.

He said while laughing.
"Just you said are right"

And he laughed in a bigger voice with a smile.
"Very good. boy and girl"
"Let's stop the mischief, ok?"
Of course we said “YES!”

His face was slightly fearful.
But he was a very tender and gentle.
I had a warm and mild impression about him.

The same year or the next year……

I was going to return from the school to the house as always.

However, a lot of cars stopped in front of the house.

The police officer said to me.
"This way is blockaded"
"You must detour to the home"
I obeyed the instructions of the police officer.

When I arrived at my house, my mother talked with somebody on the telephone.
My mother said that"Mr. Yukio Mishima died today"

The house owner is……
The gentleman is……Mr. Yukio Mishima.

He was not angry.
He forgave us.
This is my memory.

The Japanese recognize him as the samurai because he had a very warm heart and mind.
I want to say again.
Mr. Yukio Mishima had a very warm heart and mind.

Thank you.

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